Product Care

Remember that our items are PLATED. Anything plated will eventually turn with time and wear. Here are spme tips to keep your jewellery looking new.


-STORE LIKE ITEMS TOGETHER. do not put away gold plating and silver plating together. the different metals will cause each other to tarnish, fade and/or turn colors. have different storage places for different colors of metals. best to store in a dry area. restroom is not an ideal place as the humidity thins the plating.


-DO NOT CLEAN WITH CHEMICALS. plating is much more delicate than pure metals. clean often to keep shine and remove sweat and dirt that will cause items to fade. use a damp cloth (not dripping wet) a hand towel works well. wipe down gently, use a clean towel to dry. when cleaning chains hold by the clasp and do not tug at the chain or you run the risk of busting the clasp. on anything with stones wipe gently, do not rub. careful with corners or edges that can catch the towel and damage the item. do not use any chemicals to clean ANY plated item. chemicals will fade the plating. this is my most common problem with items fading.


Other suggestions to extend the life of your plated items:

-silver plating will tarnish, just as .925 silver does. wipe clean with a damp cloth

-some people are allergic to the base metal and might break out in a rash, which usually goes away after a day. if you know you are allergic to brass, bronze, copper or any other metal inquire about base metal before purchasing any plated jewelry

-gold plating is not measured in karats! it is measured in mills, or mls. the larger the mls the better the plating. a micron plating is better plating than any number of mls. there is no 14k or 18k plating, unless you are referring to the color. a 1 micron plating could be orange in color while a 5mls plating could have a smooth 14k color